Monday, April 9, 2018

Woow This Legal Nomad Is Off To Australia!

Coming off of an insane 2 weeks inwards Nusa Tenggera (don't worry, at that topographic point volition live weblog posts - details include a sketchy 4-night boat trip whereupon the captain barbarous asleep together with nosotros got stuck inwards a random village's line-fishing net, likewise every bit a 28-hour journeying dorsum from Flores to Lombok using iv unlike modes of world transportation) I decided to climb Rinjani at the final 2d together with acquire i of my iii for thirty volcanoes conquered earlier Oz. Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 grueling climb, followed yesteryear an overnight flying to Oz? Sign me up! Happily I made it every bit far every bit they'd permit us go, exactly lost all the pare on the backs of my ankles together with 2 of my toenails inwards the process. My feet hold back beautiful. And yesteryear beautiful I hateful "absolutely hideous." Apparently, several months of flip-flops alter the size of your feet - or widen them plenty to brand climbing inwards your "used-to-fit-perfectly" hiking boots torturous. Lesson learned.

This morning, I hobbled out of bed, cleaned the dirt out of my wounds and, newly bandaged, flew from Mataram, Lombok to Bali's DPS airport. The flying lasted a total 10 minutes together with nosotros bounced on the landing - twice. Several Indonesian airlines are non cleared to wing over European Union airspace because their planes are non upwardly to spec safety-wise; needless to grade nosotros were all gripping our chairs tightly on today's landing. Bali is minor plenty that my 12-hour layover meant that I could dump my pocketbook inwards the left-luggage purpose together with gallivant to a greater extent than or less for a few hours. I negotiated an afternoon apartment fare amongst a taxi driver named Made, went to the marketplace position together with picked upwardly some souvenirs for my Aussies together with got a long Balinese massage (yelping throughout because of how much my legs hurt!). I am most to banking enterprise check inwards to my flying to Australia, where I volition live recouping for the side yesteryear side 2 weeks, drinking practiced wine, relaxing amongst friends together with freezing my donkey off inwards the wintertime weather.

I wing dorsum hither on Aug fifth to tackle Agung together with Bromo together with explore some to a greater extent than of what Republic of Indonesia has to offer. I volition update the weblog from Oz to part all the delicious details together with hilarity from the sketchy boat trip, the even-sketchier trip dorsum to Lombok together with the Rinjani climb, likewise every bit my brief fourth dimension inwards Bali.