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Woow Surfing Location Inwards Lombok & Sumbawa

 Lombok is equally good known for its best cloak-and-dagger surf point, The Desert Point. Still rattling isolated but for most Australian surfers they named it equally "Desert Point", located inward South West toll of Lombok. Desert Point equally good known equally Bangko bangko beach.

Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 long walled together with incredibly hollow left hander that on its solar daytime tin dismiss pause upward to 300 meters, growing inward size from takeoff to end. Best betwixt 3-8 ft.
Surfing inward Lombok is much less hassle than inward Kuta Beach Bali.

Kuta Beach & South Coast of Lombok (The Gerupuk Beach) equally good offering proficient character of surf. You may necessitate to hire boat from locals to accept yous to some of the wave's point. If yous remain inward Kuta Beach Lombok, inquire around, many locals surfer volition guide yous to respect the waves.

Kuta Lombok is "surfers' paradise". Waves are first-class together with many proficient surf points, such equally Mawi, Mawun together with etc include "Point X", along South coast of Lombok. Matahari Hotel or Kuta Indah has the moving ridge data board.

Surfing spots inward Kuta together with South Coast of Lombok

This huge bay is virtually seven km due east Kuta. The bay itself is habitation to v dissimilar spots which function on diverse tide, air current together with swell combinations. Basically yous tin dismiss ever larn a moving ridge at Gerupuk. All waves tin dismiss exclusively last accessed yesteryear boat.

Inside Gerupuk: or Bumbang Bay, is a right-hander over a apartment reef. It is suitable for all levels an has fun waves, amongst a long wall together with a forgiving lip. On large days amongst a Southwest swell it tin dismiss last a cracking spot to surf. This pause is surfable at whatever seasons together with tin dismiss handgrip whatever wind, fifty-fifty the merchandise wind, equally it is protected yesteryear the surrounding hills. Best on an incoming tide together with tin dismiss concur 10ft solid.

Outside Gerupuk: or Gili Golong. Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 right-hander that is proficient at mid to high tide, amend accept your booties at low. Multiple peaks exterior offering large drops on takeoff bending into a hollow together with fast within section. Can concur 8-10ft but is best at 4-6ft, from Oct to April.

Don-Don: The furthest pause within the bay together with equally a final result needs a bigger swell to break. Don Don is a perfect A-frame peak walling together with bending both left together with right. For all grade of surfers. Can last proficient inward whatever flavor equally long equally the winds are light. Works on whatever tide, amongst out going tide the best time.

Kid's Point: or Pelawangan, is some other right-hander, exclusively breaks on the biggest days, but when it works, its barrel city. Best on an incoming tide.

Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 correct paw reef pause located on the W side of Kuta. Access yesteryear boat together with nation is possible. This pause is i of the best correct hander on the South Coast. Mid to depression tides tin dismiss encounter the within department doubling upward together with barreling. Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 left hander on the other side of the bay is surfable, though exclusively when its small. Need a north-west wind, most mutual from Oct to April. Are Guling tin dismiss concur 8-10ft when perfect, but is best at 4-6ft.

seger beach
Located only 2 km from Kuta. Seger is a correct reef break, amongst the occasional left off the peak. Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 proficient house when the swell drops. On mid tides together with offshore winds this tin dismiss last a cracking spot, amongst brusk tubes together with bowly walls cook for whatever motion yous tin dismiss intend of. Need a lite air current or northward W wind, to a greater extent than or less Oct-April...

Located xx minutes W of Kuta. On pocket-sized days this reef pause offers a prissy peak amongst brusk hollow rights together with lefts. At 6ft plus, Mawi transforms into a heaving left barrel, amongst elevate drops together with heavy concur downs. At 8-10ft it’s non a spot for the faint hearted. Best on mid tides together with a southward due east merchandise wind, from May to September. Mawi tin dismiss concur whatever size you're prepared to surf, only convey your balls!

Located to the due east of Kuta together with takes virtually xxx minutes yesteryear auto to Awang together with and then some other xx mins yesteryear boat across the bay. Ekas is habitation to ii spots.

Outside Ekas: is a left hander that starts working over 5ft together with holds upward to 10ft. The moving ridge offers huge drops, acres of opened upward confront to carve together with a ton of ability to spare. Best on mid to high tides together with a southward due east wind.

Inside Ekas: Located farther within the bay from Outside Ekas. Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 fun, walling peak, that tin dismiss handgrip existent size. Needs a large swell together with southward due east winds, but on it solar daytime tin dismiss offering rattling long rides together with barrels on the within of the right. Low tides for the right, higher tides for the left together with holds 12ft plus.

Located on the South West Coast of Lombok, iii hours drive from Kuta. On its solar daytime Desert Point is regarded equally i of the best waves on the planet. Barrels of xx seconds remove maintain been filmed at that spot together with 10 2nd tubes are common. Full or novel Luna depression tides, a southward due east air current together with a large swell are needed, most consistent from May to October. It tin dismiss boot the bucket weeks without waves, but only i Desert Point bomb volition brand the hold off worth it. Experienced surfer only. Bring your booties an a proficient underground riding board.

Lakey Beach

One of the surf paradise together with larn the i of the best surf spot inward Republic of Indonesia is Lakey Beach, located inward Huu District, Sumbawa, West Nusa Tenggara. Lakey Beach is i of the beautiful beaches inward Republic of Indonesia where the Lakey’s moving ridge peak that hence famous to unusual countries. This beach is known for its excellence together with consistency of the waves to larn the world’s best surfing locations. Lakey Beach is equally good known for having the most consummate types of waves than the other beaches inward the world. Wave types are:
  • Nangas is a type of flat-shaped waves.
  • Lakey Peak is the commencement moving ridge peaked together with and then leveled off
  • Pipe is a moving ridge that looks similar a pipe, a type of waves that tin dismiss equally good last constitute inward Hawaii.
  • Periscope is a type of moving ridge that resembles a brace of binoculars so that when they curvature over the waves, surfers equally at that spot are inward the binoculars.
If inward Nias Island or Hawaii, the waves were exclusively moving in one direction, together with then Lakey moving ridge tin dismiss motion inward both directions, left together with right. Technically, the Lakey waves was considered rubber for surfing sports, because inward normal weather condition the moving ridge meridian betwixt 1.5 to iii meters together with a depth of iv meters of the beach, And amongst waves audio virtually 150 feet from tidal water.
Lakey Beach has larn i of the leading tourist attraction with many facilities remove maintain been provided. Anyway, relish your opor-garai at Lakey beach.

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