Thursday, April 12, 2018

Woow Setangi Beach

Setangi Beach - If called Setangi Beach, definitely people volition endure confused as well as produce non know where the house is located. Though beauty is non inferior to the well-known beach inwards Lombok. That Lombok, storing diverse sort of natural beauty that has been exposed as well as is nonetheless hidden.
During his fourth dimension at the beach, cool atmosphere, volition experience fresh as well as fun. Many kokosnoot trees which volition grow soothing atmosphere around the beach. In add-on to a pleasant atmosphere, the cleanliness of the beach is maintained.



Sunset At Setangi Beach - Photo past times Lychos Photography
Setangi Beach is located inwards North Lombok regency just earlier Malimbu. Has practiced route access as well as tin endure passed past times both mortal vehicles motorcycles as well as cars. Their journeying through the metropolis of Mataram does non receive got a long time, every bit good the distance is non too far away, the route through which was prissy as well as wide.

To Get There

Access to the beach is easy, because the place is non too far from the metropolis of Mataram, Senggigi no indicate – Malimbu. From this indicate nosotros tin only become to the west, at that spot are several entrances, i of which only had made on the ramp earlier Malimbu, fairly broad path as well as hence that the automobile tin freely enter. The sand is white mixed amongst black, large extend amongst large waves.
Warm sunset at Setangi Beach -
Photo past times Lychos Photography