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Woow The Exotic Gili's Inward S Lombok

Did y'all know in that location are inwards fact 26 Gili islandssurrounding the mainland of Lombok, on the northwest coast is of class the virtually famous as well as virtually developed, They are called - Gili TrawanganGili Meno and Gili Air, they are the virtually famous Gili Islands which are inwards the North Lombok Regency.
On the southwest peninsular which is quickly existence developed on the mainland due to the expectation of the novel aerodrome as well as of class it’s amazing natural beauty are some other 12 Gili islands inwards the Sekotong Peninsula, West Lombok Regency. They are called - Gili NangguGili SudakGili Tangkong, (Where the super chic, Dharma Gili eco resort is planned), Gili Poh (the smallest yesteryear far) Gili GentingGili LontarGili LayarGili AmbenGili GedeGili AnyaranGili Layar and Gili Asahan. alone 2 create got accommodations, Gili Nannggu as well as Gili Gede.
The southwest coast of Lombok is i of the virtually spectacular areas inwards Republic of Indonesia as well as is withal relatively undeveloped, offering a pristine natural share for travellers to explore.

South of Lembar Harbour, the primary port on West Lombok, the southwest coast features a serial of stunning bays fix against a backdrop of greenish hills as well as fields. There are likewise twelve modest islands merely off the coast, similar to the famous Gilis, but largely uninhabited.
The campaign itself is a worthwhile trip, meandering through villages where life is untouched yesteryear tourism as well as where the people are involved inwards their day-to-day activities of farming, fish cultivation, boating as well as fishing, brick-making as well as other traditional pastimes. Along the roadsides y'all volition run across people edifice as well as repairing boats, laying out hand-made bricks to dry out inwards the sun, working inwards the fields, as well as sometimes guiding primitive wooden ploughs harnessed to huge H2O buffalo every bit they create the fields for planting.
Heading towards Sekotong, on the left side of the route is a sealed route leading upwards the hill. Climbing steeply, the views dorsum downward the colina as well as across the fields are really magnificent. The panorama stretches out across the clear waters, highlighting the white sand coastline as well as the many modest islands dotted merely off the coast. Some of these islands create got elementary accommodation for travellers as well as are neat places to see – the Gilis of the future, no doubt!

H5N1 chip farther along the primary route is Taun, a peaceful hamlet with friendly people, situated on a wide, placid bay. The body of body of water is sparkling turquoise as well as the dazzling white sand stretches inwards a broad sweep some the bay, piece the hills behind shape a perfect backdrop to an idyllic setting. Just out inwards the calm bay sit down the iii lovely islands of Gili Nanggu, Gili Tangkong as well as Gili Sudat – all easily accessible yesteryear local outrigger boats. H5N1 modest sign inwards the nearby hamlet volition straight y'all to the local boat hire area, where y'all tin conform boat trips out to Gili Nanggu as well as the other modest islands inwards the area, at reasonable rates.
H5N1 niggling farther on, earlier the local marine civilization complex (Balai Budaya Laut), in that location is a modest dirt route leading off toward the beach. This route leads out onto a dazzling white peninsular of nation that juts into beautiful blueish waters. Gili Genting is a modest colina inwards the body of body of water situated merely off the point. At high tide it is separated from the mainland yesteryear a shallow stretch of H2O as well as at depression tide it is possible to walk out to explore the island. The stone formations are ancient lava flows into which the sea has carved all sorts of interesting shapes, tunnels as well as caves; providing sheltered nooks as well as crannies of shade… a perfect setting for a picnic lunch!
On the South West coast inwards the Lombok Regency in that location are some other 3 islands - Gili SoletGili Sarang Burungand Gili Kawu.
In the South east, inwards the East Lombok Regency is 3 to a greater extent than islands, Gili IndahGili Merengke and Gili Belek.
And the alone other islands are inwards the real North East Lombok Regency, is Gili LawangGili SulatGili PentanganGili Bidara (Pasaran) and Gili Lampu.
All create got a few things inwards common, 75% are uninhabited, they all create got crystal white sands, clear turquiose waters for amazing snorkelling as well as diving, as well as are unspoilt. This left us wondering how these islands tin withal hold out i of Lombok’s best kept secrets, although I create got heard through the grapevine people are catching on as well as plots are selling, which is non surprising when they create got as well as then much to offer, both to tourists as well as investors!
surfing betoken inwards southwest lombok
Dotted inwards the body of body of water merely off shore from the mainland, some 2 hours campaign S from Senggigi, are the magnificent Southwest Gilis – starting with the iii modest gilis (meaning “islands” inwards local language) merely S of Lembar Harbour: Gili NangguGili Sudat and Gili Tangkong. only Gili Nanggu has accommodation for visitors, with Gili Nanggu Cottages providing elementary accommodation on the beach as well as a restaurant, every bit good every bit some to a greater extent than up-market rooms farther dorsum from the beach.
Slightly farther S are Gili Genting and Gili Lontar, with Gili Poh forming a circular white dot inwards the body of body of water slightly farther offshore to the due north of these two. Gili Genting sits merely off the tip of a beautiful white-sand peninsular that juts into the ocean. At depression tide, y'all tin walk across the sandbar from the peninsular as well as explore this uninhabited island. Old volcanic rocks as well as stone carved from centuries of tides create modest caves, providing shelter for picnics as well as interesting nooks as well as crannies to explore.
Gili Amben is merely offshore, slightly to the south, while Gili Anyaran is farther out, but easily accessible yesteryear local boat. Dominating them all, located betwixt these 2 islands, is the large isle of Gili Gede.
So large as well as and then unopen to shore that it is oft false every bit role of the mainland, Gili Gede is a picturesque as well as sprawling isle with many modest coves as well as pretty beaches along its coast as well as modest hills running through the centre, which create got wonderful views of the Southwest Gilis.
Secret Island Resort is located on a modest colina at the southern tip of the island, providing elementary as well as comfortable accommodation, every bit good every bit personalised snorkelling as well as isle tours as well as line-fishing trips on their 9m purpose-built boat, Scorpio. On the northern goal of the isle is some other modest resort, Via Vaccare, with octagonal shaped rooms on the beach, offering peaceful isle breaks, as well as yoga as well as meditation sessions for those who wishing to participate.
To the S of Gili Gede, the islands of Gili Renggit, Layar as well as Asahan are lined upwards similar surreptitious treasures inwards the calm sea. Abundant coral reefs lay merely below the surface waiting to hold out explored, filled with thousands of brightly coloured tropical fish, huge sprawling blueish starfish as well as magical turtles gently gliding through the water. Deserted white sand beaches telephone proper name upwards visitors from the sea to picnic on the beach as well as swim inwards the clear turquoise waters. Many of the beaches are lined with shells washed upwards yesteryear the tide as well as the temptation to accept dwelling delineate of piece of job solid these pretty souvenirs is irresistible. H5N1 twenty-four hours spent playing inwards the water, snorkelling higher upwards the colourful coral as well as beachcombing the shores is a tonic for the soul inwards this magical as well as pristine environment.
Those who wishing to explore the underwater earth farther tin bring together dive adventures with Dive Zone, the alone diving companionship located inwards the area, on the beach at Sundancer Resort inwards Sekotong. Owner-operator, George, is alone to happy to demonstrate visitors these exciting as well as totally unspoiled dive sites, abundant with difficult as well as soft corals as well as all kinds of tropical fish species. Diving alongside schools of magnificent turtles is common, every bit these peaceful giant creatures alive undisturbed inwards the waters of the Southwest Gilis as well as arrive at non fearfulness homo every bit a hunter.
There are at to the lowest degree 4 other modest islands, barely dots inwards the ocean, every bit good every bit coral atolls raising out of the sparkling waters of the Southwest Gilis… to a greater extent than delightful islands inwards the making. But for now, the surreptitious islands of the southwest supply to a greater extent than than plenty opportunities for those seeking really unspoiled as well as deserted tropical isle paradises. With as well as then much beauty on offering both higher upwards as well as below the sea, the Southwest Gilis can’t remain a surreptitious much longer!

Gili Gede is a modest isle located 500 meters northwest of the isle of Lombok. The isle has a maximum length of 4 km is the administrative county of West Lombok regency, West Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia.

Gede hateful large as well as then Gili Gede is large island. That is truthful that Gili Gede is the largest Gili Island on Lombok. It has  It has 4 Sasak traditional Fishing villages as well as accessible from a good well maintained Lombok highway.  It is alone 400 meters from the primary isle of Lombok. You tin larn in that location easily via a local outrigger local boat carry called "Sampan". On the isle in that location is i resort for visitor remain called "Secret Island Resort". For those who honey beach, snorkeling, diving or merely desire to relaxing on hidden give-and-take of paradise arrive at non missy to see as well as remain on Gili Gede. Other interesting to run across is a large farm oyster manufacture for Pearl ain yesteryear Japanese. The farm manufacture called "Kyoko Budaya Mutiara", it has been produces the best lineament of pearl inwards the world.
Gili Gede

Gili Asahan