Friday, April 13, 2018

Woow Cloak-And-Dagger Isle Resort

If y'all are looking for a Lombok Gili hotel too a modify from the  often over crowded three NW. Gili islands or Lombok's other remarkable areas. The Secret Island Resort hotel is perfect for your give-up the ghost away.  We presently consider our Hotel at to the lowest degree a ii star hotel inwards a 5 star place alongside many three star features. This includes yacht moorings too a invitee dock. We also cause got Solar Hot H2O inwards our deluxe bungalow on the hillside, bungalow over the Reef, beachside rooms too our 2 sleeping room Villa: air-conditioning is actually non needed almost all twelvemonth circular nor desirable for the environment. We are working toward existence a fully Eco responsible hotel aware that Global Warming is upon us. The Spectacular Bungalow over the Reef is stable too non floating. It is attached to a long wooden dock that is wonderfully tranquil too private. This unit of measurement addition our ii sleeping room villa too deluxe hillside bungalow are for those looking for a higher cast setting alongside hot H2O too spectacular views. Honeymoon specials available.

The beautiful surroundings too undisturbed nature of Gili Gede provides the perfect place to sense the 12 Unspoiled SouthWest Gilis. It is located simply 5 minutes from the mainland of Lombok Island too features  a actually proficient for the kids swimming beach correct inwards front end of the Resort.

Look for the exclusively Car & Boat Gas Dock/Station inwards Sekotong SW. Lombok, simply a 45 minutes campaign past times Lembar harbor y'all volition discovery Tembowong beach too simply 100 meters past times the exclusively gas station y'all volition reckon the 'Secret Island Resort' sign.

The charter Sport Fishing too Snorkel Mania speed boat 'Scorpio' is located hither at Secret Island Resort's ain individual Dock.  We similar a shot cause got three diferent boats to offering y'all snorkeling from 100,000Rp to 200,000Rp, depending on your desired fourth dimension snorkeling too total of locations. If y'all are exclusively ii three people nosotros recommend our half dozen meter Speed boat to three unlike Gili islands for 150,000rp per persons. The 12 unspoiled SW. Gili Islands cause got the Best Snorkeling inwards Lombok, nosotros hope y'all won't move disappointed.

This unique resort is similar a shot fully opened upwardly for your opor-garai pleasure. SIR has the exclusively security too stable Bungalow over the Reef inwards all of Bali or Lombok. Please come upwardly too reckon Lombok's Friendly people.

The facilities including a large eating theatre & pavilion alongside Titin's Yacht Bar, sometimes hosting cruising sailors too all others who are interested inwards having an enjoyable opor-garai away from other crowded Gili islands.

Some other iv star guests from other "high cast resorts inwards Lombok" see us for the solar daytime too the first-class food. If your looking for a peaceful spot alongside lots of proficient Fishing too Snorkeling, trounce collecting too really friendly people Secret Island Resort is a house for you.

Whoever y'all are; our guests enjoyment too proficient service come upwardly first. If y'all are interested inwards arriving via a deluxe charter boat from Bali; at that topographic point are several first-class possibilities to charter from Bali to the Secret Island Resort our nine meter 10 rider 'Scorpio'  is one. 'Fast Boat Travels'

Our really particular "Our Over the Reef Bungalow" is ofttimes booked, then delight banking concern jibe alongside us every bit shortly every bit possible for availability.  Also available is our two-bedroom villa alongside Hot Water, i Hillside Bungalow alongside Hot water, 5 double Rooms, 2 double too unmarried bed rooms too unmarried somebody bedrooms;  Some rooms offering dramatic bounding main views alongside the perfect sunrise too sunset panorama from unlike spots unopen to the grounds.

There are a duo pyramid gazebos for your relaxing pleasure: Secret Island is chop-chop becoming well-known to those seeking the proficient life where FUN, FOOD too ACTIVITIES are primary.

Spend a solar daytime hither or pass several days. You too your friends tin give notice accept "Great Kayak Tour" of the inner waters of "Tembowong Bay". This is a natural harbor alongside many calm reefs too some of Lombok's oldest pearl farms. It is also really tardily to give-up the ghost unopen to past times Kayak simply past times your self.  Or charter i of Secret first-class boats to cruise, snorkel or fish with.

The best snorkeling inwards Lombok is really nearby too first-class solar daytime or nighttime line-fishing are available hither inwards the southward W Gili Islands. "The Secret is the Refuse" where it is tardily to pass upwardly your stress. "SIR" encourages y'all to savor your particular opor-garai fourth dimension hither too hope nosotros volition create our best to demonstrate y'all unopen to the 12 unspoiled gilis.