Friday, April 13, 2018

Woow Amaq Darwilis, The Concluding Sasak Puppets Maestro

Amaq Darwilis -
Photo By Lychos Photography
AMAQ DARWILIS-The Last Sasak Puppet Maestro - His refer is Amaq Darwilis, the final sasak puppets maestro.

Sasak puppet is particular puppet of Sasak tribe living inwards Lombok. Sasak puppet looks similar Bali puppet. Based on the history, Sasak puppets has existed inwards Lombok since 1464 M. Wayang Sasak formerly used to preach Islam inwards Lombok, but forthwith Sasak puppet is usually presented inwards exhibition or cultural show.

Gamelan that accompanies wayang Sasak composed of ceng-ceng, suling, tawa-tawa, kendang, pleret, too kempul. Sasak puppet demo needs ten people to assist organize the show. The organizer is consisting of a puppeteer, 2 assistants to organize puppet puppeteer, too vii drummers of gamelan.

In Lombok Island, the famous puppeter is Lalu Nasip. He started playing puppet since he was inwards the fifth degree of unproblematic school. Our promise is that immature generation volition assist to save the culture.