Friday, April 6, 2018

Woow Adventures Inwards Indonesia: Lombok To Flores

Some trips get amongst the precipitous realization that something is only non right. My 4-night wearisome boat trip from Gili Trawangan, Republic of Indonesia to Flores Island was ane of those trips. It began amongst my minibus driver’s drunken babbling, in addition to progressed from there. Since I did arrive inward ane piece, the sinking feeling inward my tum has been replaced past times relieved retrospection – and, of course, forthwith makes for a skilful story.

To larn to Flores, yous bespeak to piece of job past times through the poorest islands of Nusa Tenggera, each amongst a real unlike feel. First, to the rugged, dry, seemingly untouched isle of Lombok. Next, to the volatile, volcanic Sumbawa, ane of the poorest places inward Republic of Indonesia whose claim to fame lies nether the surface: the 1815 eruption of the saliva was, inward fact, mildly venomous. Death comes rapidly because the Komodo has such powerful jaws that it tin effectively puncture through to os in addition to deposit its poisonous saliva where it tin exercise the close damage.

adventurous 30-hour trip through the bowels of Indonesian world transportation to larn me dorsum to Lombok, without showering first. Consider this postal service a world apology to anyone who had to sit down side past times side to me!

Trip Stats for the 5-Star Floating Loft's Passengers:
7 rolls of lavatory paper
4 chickens, 1 giant squid & five pocket-size fish (for dinner)
32 bottles of Bintang beer (to numb us to the security risks)
72 hours of not-so-smooth sailing
2 salty showers inward the Sape in addition to Flores seas
1 incorrect turn
0 people eaten past times a Komodo dragon.

The total ready of pictures from this trip are here.