Monday, April 9, 2018

Woow 3 For Thirty: Volcano-Bound For My Birthday

Those of yous who know me good know that I test together with climb a mount for my birthday every year. I accept been doing this for quite about fourth dimension now, together with my aim is e'er to live at the altitude for sunrise on my birthday. With my 30th coming upwards inward mid-August, I've been trying to figure out what mount I wanted to attempt, peculiarly given that lastly year's Kilimanjaro trip was cancelled due to bronchitis together with the whole "tearing ii tendons inward my ankle" thing. Combing through Joanna's Bali & Lombok guidebook whilst she was hither provided me amongst a perfect answer: in that place are 3 sacred Balinese volcanos (despite ii of them no longer lying inside Bali's borders), allowing me to climb i for each decade of my life.

They are:

Gunung Rinjani: Active stratovolcano 3,726m (12,224 ft) high. Disturbingly active, genuinely - its most recent eruption was mere months agone on May 10, 2009. As a result, I cannot summit, merely tin laissez passer on the axe larn to the starting fourth dimension rim where in that place is a crater lake called Segara Anak and - I've been told - run into flowing magma. Mmmm...magma.

Gunung Agung: Semi-active stratovolcano 3,142m (10,308 ft) high. Last eruption was inward 1964. The Balinese keep that Agung is a replica of Mount Meru, together with many embark upon the arduous climb to Pura Besakih, nestled high upwards on the mount together with the most of import temple inward Bali. Climbers are non permitted to start out a altitude endeavour until the concluding prayers of the 24-hour interval at the temple, for fearfulness of disturbing malevolent spirits.

Gunung Bromo: Active strato volcano amongst a sulfur-filled caldera 2,329m (7,641 ft) high. Last eruption was inward 2007. Located inward East Java, it involves a dawn climb, followed past times a trek across the mountain's "sea of sand".

I am currently on Gili Trawangan, together with taking a sketchy deadening boat for v days (sleeping on the deck of the ship!) to Komodo together with Flores. My excogitation is to wing from Flores dorsum to Mataram inward Lombok together with endeavour Rinjani earlier my Indonesian visa runs out. I'll live flight out of the position down together with dorsum inward in i lawsuit again ii weeks after together with hence that I tin laissez passer on the axe larn about other thirty days to create the other ii mountains. I promise to live on Agung for my actual birthday.

More to come upwards almost Bali together with Republic of Indonesia after Komodo together with Flores!