Thursday, December 20, 2012

Main Public Place on Senggigi, Lombok

Main Public Place on Senggigi, Lombok

Post Office or Kantor Pos
Address= Jl. Raya, Senggigi (opposite Bank BNI), 
Telp.= +62 370 693 711. Postal code: 83355

Senggigi Emergency services
#    Lombok Regional Police (National) (Polda)
Address= Jl Gajah Mada No7, Ampenan,
Telp. =  +62 370 693 110. 24 hour emergency number 110  

#    Tourism Police Senggigi or Pos Polsek Senggigi
Address= Jl. Raya Senggigi km 1 Senggigi (near the Art Market), 
Telp. = +62 370 632 733 , Ambulance, +62 370 623 489
In emergency 118. The truth is that except inside the confines of the major town of Mataram/Ampenan/Cakranegara an hospital vehicle is commonly too far away to supply punctual transport in the case of a true crisis. Most often a cab, police vehicle or a personal vehicle is utilised to get someone needing pressing health vigilance to a clinic. The ambulances in Lombok are more often used in the function of assisted persevering transport rather than for first responder/paramedic sustained emergency assistance and transport. 
Main Public Place on Senggigi, Lombok

# Medical clinics
Holiday Resort Lombok-Medical clinic
On site health clinic with trained doctor and medical practitioner on call.
Address= Mangsit beach, Senggigi (halfway through Mangsit beach,the clinic is downstairs, on northeast corner of main building)
Telp. = +62 370 693 444 (fax: +62 370 693 092, +62 370 693 206).   

Klinik Risa (Risa Centra Medika Hospital)
Full hospital amenities accessible on location, specialist conferring rooms and dental surgeon. 
Address= Jl. Pejanggik No.115, Cakranegara, lombok (just east of Mataram Mall on the right hand side of the road)
Telp. =+62 370 625 560. 24 hr emergency room.

Local health Clinic Senggigi township / Puskesmas Senggigi 
Very restricted hours, normally in the evenings. This is a local municipal wellbeing clinic catering to the inhabitants of the surrounding locality rather than an crisis medical centre. 
Address=Jalan Raya Kerandangan (Situated on the main road at the southern end of Kerandangan just past Puri Saron and Pacific Hotel)