Wednesday, November 7, 2012

geographical mataram town, indonesia

geographical mataram town, indonesia 
slope the most state wide by five-th district. most recent unnatural changes with slope where 0-2 % of 3. 216 ha, undulating slope of 2-15 % conduction space of ​ ;​ ;2. 909 ha under the steep slope of 14-40 % of space 4. 568 ha. 

north : gunungsari district and sub-district lingsar west lombok 
east : narmada district and sub-district lingsar west lombok 
south : districts labuapi district west lombok 
west : lombok strait 

isn't just the capital of west nusa tenggara province, the town of mataram further clearly as the center of government, education and economic center da goods entrance sbelah service in the former airport selaparang west, south and east harbor sheet and labuan lombok harbor heaven as entry due to island of sumbawa. 

mataram town is mostly a tropical climate with average temperatures ranging due to 23, 21 oc - 31, 45 oc, maximum humidity 79, 33 % run on bln. december with humidity around 80%. rainy days and rainfall runs on bln. february the 18 days of rain with rainfall of 115 mm and also the mo. november the 20 days of rain with rainfall of 247 mm. solar radiation information the maximum mataram town bmg runs on bln. august by 81% and also the minimum running on bln. december of 33% and an average wind speed of 7%.