Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Changes in Mataram City

changes in mataram city.

the history changes in mataram city runs in 6 periods. the first period, before the formation of the State of East Indonesia is where lombok is a side of bali-lombok residency. 2nd, walking along the establishment of the State of East Indonesia, autonomous place politically in 3 locations of local government administration. West lombok administration location is the same as the time before the birth of the State of East indonesia. the third period, the formation of autonomous areas run when level i West nusa tenggara (17 December 1959) which consists of 6 swatanra level ii sites, one of which daswati ii West lombok, consists of 6 kedistrikan. 

(1. kedistrikan West of dasan ampenan, 2. kedistrikan ampenan East in narmada, 3. bayan beleq parrot in kedistrikan, 4. kedistrikan Cape in the Cape, 5. kedistrikan gerung in gerung, 6) kedistrikan gondang in gondang) plus one location i.e. kepunggawaan kepunggawaan cakranegara at mayura. the fourth period, since the enactment of law No. 18th. 1965, where a level ii West lombok developed so most of mataram district diantaraya district, called the expansion and cakranegara ampenan subdistrict. perode fifth, since the promulgation of Government Regulation number 21st. 1978 establishment of mataram city administrative matters, which includes three districts namely ampenan subdistrict, mataram, and cakranegara sub district. Since August 29, 1978, the three districts were joined so one i.e. mataram city. Sixth period, enhancement of the status of the administrative city mataram mataram ii dati municipal so, under law No. 4 yrs. 1993. the Minister of the Interior of the Republic of indonesia (moch. yogi s. memet) launches the turnover on 31 August 1993, whose territory includes the subdistricts of mataram, ampenan subdistrict, and cakranegara.